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Reiver prototype.


KOLARP re-imagined for a shorter travel package.

Gary has been riding the Auckland Cycle Works Reiver, carbon-alu prototype, since October 2022.
Reiver photo by Alex Geml - The European Bike Project

The heart of the short-travel KOLARP[X] variant is that the BB is mounted on the lower linkage. This confers some amazing benefits:

  1. Standing up increases the leverage over the shock, releasing more suspension travel.
  2. Sitting down decreases the leverage over the shock, restricting the amount of suspension travel.

This is a very special thing, because Reiver automatically adapts to your weight shifts, increasing travel and traction as you lift out of the saddle, yet limiting travel and increasing efficiency as you transfer more weight into the saddle. It’s like the most sophisticated system of lockouts and travel-adjusters, but it responds automatically to your natural weight-shifts.

  1. Curved axle path delivers a rearward axle-path in the beginning of the stroke, increasing suspension effectiveness.
  2. Perfect braking anti-rise delivers the most amazing chassis stability. KOLARP keeps the suspension active and prevents extension under braking.

Reiver performs brilliantly in technical terrain.

  1. Curved axle path contributes strongly to the pedalling anti-squat, so less chain tension is required to deliver good pedalling characteristics. This keeps the suspension stable yet active under power, maximising traction, control and efficiency.

Although this model looks very polished and ready to ride, it will see significant revisions and needs at least one more prototype before it’s ready. This prototype was built with 8-way adjustability within the suspension linkages, and many adjustments to the shock have enabled us to learn what this machine is capable of and refine the KOLARP[X] suspension design.

The KOLARP suspension concept as used in both Marra and Reiver bikes is protected by patent GB2611590, published 3rd January 2024

Bikes with KOLARP suspension are available only from Auckland Cycle Works.

We are currently planning for Reiver to be released as two variants.

Suspension travel


Fork travel

Reiver AM

130mm axle travel + 18mm BB drop = 148mm


150 or 160mm

Reiver DC

100mm axle travel + 14mm BB drop = 114mm


120 or 130mm

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